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When you tune in to your favorite radio station on your commute home, what do you hear? More importantly, who do you hear?  Who is creating the content that drives our every day conversation?



Radio reaches 93% of all Americans, yet lacks proper representation of half of its listeners.  In 2015 alone, only 44% of radio stations across the U.S. employed women.  Year by year, the number of women accounted for in radio decreases by 7%.  

I like stories where there’s a center that’s mushy and complicated.
— Sarah Koenig, Serial
Community radios provide profound new opportunities for more inclusive sustainable development.
— Denise Gray-Felder

A Few of Our Favorites


Regardless of the depleting number of women in radio, those who remain have a lot to say.


Hope Chest by Stacia Brown

In her own words, Stacia Brown is a “writer, mother, and part-time hippie.”  Author and contributing writer to the Washington Post, Rolling Stone, and The Atlantic, among others, she is the creator and producer of two podcast series.  Baltimore:  The Rise of Charm City, covers intergenerational stories from Baltimore.  Hope Chest, Brown’s most recent program, is a cultivation of interviews, quotes, and music set to her own prose.  


Call Your Girlfriend by Gina Delvac

Produced by Gina Delvac and hosted by Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman, Call Your Girlfriend is a real-talk conversation on pop culture and current events.  A podcast for “long-distance besties everywhere,” the program follows bi-weekly phone calls between Sow and Friedman, often wrapping interviews with other “girlfriends” into the mix.  

The Big Leap Show by Kathlyn Hart

As producer and host of The Big Leap Show podcast, Kathlyn Hart explores topics that inspire both herself and others to take steps into unfamiliar territory.  Inviting female guests to share words of wisdom, The Big Leap Show helps women make the “big leap” into something new. While the podcast is currently on hiatus (Hart is busy creating a workshop to help women learn to negotiate for better wages), all episodes are available for free online.  


This American Life by Stephanie Foo

A veteran radio producer, Stephanie Foo first began as an intern and later worked as a producer with the Oakland-based podcast Snap Judgement.  Foo later joined This American Life as a producer, where she covers a variety of topics, from history, politics, and mental health, to food, family, and parenting.  She is an outspoken voice on issues of diversity in media, and has been nominated for multiple Daytime Emmy Awards.