Powerful Women. Powerful Stories.




The Project

A conversation on women in production, Scope invites the most visionary and emerging female producers of today to share their experience, expertise, and outlook on a wide range of creative industries, from advertising and broadcast to film, radio and live performance.  

Our Mission

To pull back the curtain on the role of female producers within the global community and the impact of their work on current social and cultural trends, political ideologies, the next generation of artists, storytellers, content creators, and the production industry of tomorrow.  

Our Call to Action

It's no secret that women and minorities are underrepresented in Hollywood.  But this is just one segment of a much larger industry of women who work behind the camera, behind the mic, and behind the scenes - producing the content that drives how we think, what we choose to believe, and the dollars we spend.

Scope asks you - both the producer and the consumer - to join a conversation about female producers and women who defy the odds and continue to make strides in their field, paving the way as creative thought leaders and women of action despite widespread challenges in the workplace.

are you a female producer?

how are you impacted by female-produced content?